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Bluefish But No Blue Water

Yesterday I went out with a awesome family. The water was dirty with 4-5 good sets. Waves were 3-5 foot. The current was very strong. In Port Aransas the drive was somewhat easy in low tide, but you could see where the water had been to the dunes. There were birds diving around Fish Pass with Spanish under them, but just out of reach for surf casters. We caught tons of hardheads and one good blue fish! Wasn’t the best day of fishing but at least we didn’t get skunked. The kids had a blast reeling them in. Some guy walked by and said the day before they caught reds on Fishbites alone. Gunna try again soon different place different time and different bait. Keep ya posted. Right now it’s hit or miss. Lots of the good fish are being caught off of the rocks! That’s the place to be! Good luck and tight lines! Pictured is Isaiah McBrayer with his FIRST ever Bluefish! Congrats little man.

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