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With Sargassum Comes Bait!

All us anglers have been fighting the sargassum since last week. Yes, it can be a nuisance but it can also be a good thing. The sargassum is home to most bait fish. So, even though we've been having to fight the seaweed, at least the mullet are here now.

First thing this morning, I went to the beach and seen the mullet running. I was able to get a net full on the first cast. With the live mullet casted into the first gut, I was able to land a couple of nice keeper redfish. Later Tim showed up and we droned some mullet out about 200 yards. We were able to land some nice small sharks. They were all caught and released. Tim even landed a huge stingray that was also released.

For us, the sargassum didn't seem to be a problem. We were still able to keep lines out. We did see a few people reeling in a lot of sargassum on their lines. So it may just depend on where you park. The drive was a bit rough. And you have to be careful driving in the washed up sargassum, as there could be debris that can mess up your tires. The water clarity was a beautiful blue green with maybe 2 to 3 sets. The waves were not bad at all. The current was good. All in all it was just a good day to fish.

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