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Today, everybody was on the beach and they were all catching pompano. A few redfish were caught as well. But man oh man were the pomps running.

The water was a beautiful green all the way to the shoreline and clear. Tons of mullet in the first gut. Maybe one or two small sets. Pretty much the surf was flat today. Not much water movement and high tide seemed lower than normal. In other words, it looked like low tide but it was high all day until around 4:30pm. This made for easy beach driving with a couple of spots tore up near the 20's on the National Seashore. Tomorrow is looking just as good with a bit more wind and waves but not much more of a difference than today. So if you are one of the ones who didn't get to take advantage of today's pomp still have tomorrow!

This morning I took Richard & Penny Burns out to catch some fish. The pompano were biting on shrimp and shrimp Fishbites together just over the second wave. They were big! All of the pompano we caught were well over 20". We took no more than we needed and left them biting. We also landed a smooth puffer fish and seen a couple of people reeling in some nice reds on our way out. It was a great morning with loads of fun and action. The Burns did an awesome job! I'd say their first time fishing the surf was a success!

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