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Day of fun

Took my clients out yesterday. Got into a nice school of trout and bluefish. All were just barely keepers or undersized. Still a fun day rippin lips on the beautiful Padre Island National Seashore.

Everything was caught on silver spoons and live croaker. The blues in the first gut, the trout in the wade gut. We also caught whiting on shrimp.

The drive down PINS was bumpy the entire way to the 30. We didn't go past that point. The sargassum was bad the entire stretch with the worst of it north. The further south we went the more it cleaned up. In the lower 20's we got mostly blues. In the upper 20's we started seeing more trout.

The water was a beautiful blue green the further south we drove with 3 nice sets and some smaller waves in between. There were pony mullet north and smaller finger mullet south. If planning a trip I recommend going south. You will get into some sargassum but it's manageable.

If you want to plan a fishing trip with me, just shoot me a text or give me a call.

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