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Shark Bait Ooo Ha Ha!

Tim and I took a trip down the National Seashore. There was a open window with little wind and green water to the beach. The fishing has been slow North of the National Seashore. Once on the sand we noticed lots of action. Bait was crashing out of the water. No birds were diving though. We decided to throw spoons into the action to see what would happen. We immediately hooked into bluefish and jack crevalle. After the tide started to go out around 12 noon, the bite slowed down. There was plenty of mullet in the water, tons to be exact. They were somewhat lethargic until predators from below decided to feed on them. At which point, then they would scatter and cause a scene on top of the water. We knew the fish were still there. So we threw the cast net and caught some mullet. We casted them out whole and landed some more bluefish. After the complete low tide around 3 there were no more bites. All-in-all, it was a good morning. We did land a few small trout in the wade gut. Everything else was caught in the 1st gut.

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