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Easter Reds & More!

First I would like to start by wishing everyone a Happy Easter! Tim and I went south of Bob Hall and about 2 hours before high tide. The bite was insane for those 2 hours. There was literally not a dull moment. The water was a beautiful green/blue. It was a little dirty out to the second or third sandbar. You could clearly see the color change in the water close to shore. We started of by tossing a Fishbite with Shrimp into the first gut and landed some whiting. Then we took the whiting whole and ran them with the drone out about 200-300 yards. We were trying to see if the sharks where in shallow, as we had not been having luck shark fishing with baits out far. First Tims small pole went off and he landed a nice keeper redfish. Then one of the whiting baits took off landing him a nice sharpnose shark. While that was going on my bait was getting devoured by pup sharks getting hit after hit but no takers until the bait was gone. I then tried to catch me another whiting to run out again, but kept landing sheepshead just after the first sandbar instead. Finally another whiting was caught and we ran it out again. Then Tims other whiting bait screamed! We thought it was a decent shark but ended up being a massive 45" Bull Red!! The girth on this thing was incredible. After that I landed a small dink red and another pup shark which spit the hook in the wade gut. It was a epic day. Definitely one for the books! Shrimp/Fishbites/Whiting was all that was used for baits. Looking forward to more days like today. The weather was beautiful and the drive was fairly easy considering there was quite a bit of people on the beach with their families for the Easter Holiday. Surprised the pressure didn't really make a difference at all. I hope to see you on the sand with tight lines. If you want to book a trip for redfish NOW IS THE TIME to do so!

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