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Pomps & a Runaway Red

Today was a blast! We had a small window were the wind died down and there was a little bit of a mist but not much rain like the weather had called for. The water was a pretty green out past the second bar. Dolphins were chasing fish into the first gut! Birds were working out past the third gut. The drive was okay at high tide. There was a little bit of debri and sargassum on the beach. Nothing we couldn't shake off our lines. Logan and Kate straight SLAYED the pompano on Crab Fishbites and shrimp. Once I switched my fishbites over from shrimp to crab I landed a nice slot redfish. Once it got into the wade gut the fish rolled over onto the line and snapped it. Luckily Logan was in the water and literally caught the red with his bare hands before he could swim away! It was one of those moments that you wish you would have gotten on camera. Definitely made some memories with some great friends today!

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