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Putting The SMACK Down!

Tim Merchant & I took a quick trip down Padre Island National Seashore today. The water was beautiful green with 1-2 ft. waves and a water clarity of about 4 out of 5. The mullet were in thick all over the surf. Chasing the mullet were ladyfish. The pompano were being caught on shrimp casted far out. We went past the 30 mile marker and casted live mullet out shallow into a nice trout hole. But we didn't get trout. Instead we found ourselves casting into a big school of spanish mackerel & pup sharks. The spanish were HUGE! If you plan to target them you will need at least 30 lb test. They can and will bite through your leader. The jellyfish were still in the water and on the beach, but not as bad as the last week. There was very minimal seaweed in some spots. The driving was good all the way to the 40's at low tide. We hope you all have a Happy Halloween and a wonderful weekend full of tight lines!

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