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Quick PINS Trip

Took a quick 2 hour trip down the National Seashore. The weather was beautiful. Magic Seaweed called for 15mph winds around noon, but that didn't happen. It stayed close to 10mph most of the day. The drive down the beach was easy at low tide. But up closer to the dunes you could see where there was tons of wood and debri washed up. Something to be careful and watchful of during high tide. I love it when the tides come in high and push in ocean treasures, perfect for beachcombing. And at low tide it flattens and packs the sand making for an easier drive.

There was a bit of seaweed in the surf but not much. The water was cooler and somewhat clear. I would say about a 3 out of 5. There was 1-2 ft. waves and only 3 sets. I only seen mullet twice. They were staying closer to the bottom, so not very easy to spot. We caught whiting, pompano and black drum on shrimp with FishBites. We also caught small pup sharks on cut bait. All casted into the first gut.

The rest of this week is calling for higher winds. The cooler weather is definitely here, so pull the waders out of hiding!

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