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Rory's PB Bullred

Today was slack tide, but for those that got out to the beach while the tide was still up had some good luck. Rory and I hit the surf in Port Aransas around 9am this morning. Right off the bat we noticed tons of mullet in the surf. Along with the mullet were quite a bit of jellyfish. If you plan to wade fish, please keep an eye out. I am somewhat immune to these suckers by now (considering how many times I have been stung). But for anyone new to the area or someone who doesn't fish often, I would recommend wearing pants. We casted live mullet into the first gut and hooked up on ladyfish. We cut the ladyfish into 1-2 inch chunks and casted them into the first gut. In less than an hour Rory was hooked up on a 39" bull red. His personal best! Awesome catch! After that, the tide started to go out and our luck changed. We lost a bite on ladyfish again. Then nothing would take the cut bait. We switched to ghost shrimp and caught sheepshead just over the first bar. All in all it was a good morning! We didn't get skunked and a personal best was caught. Totally worth the trip.

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